Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saginaw Unemployment Office

The Unemployment Office in Saginaw, Michigan, is where you can go to get help filing for unemployment compensation or to try resolving problems with your benefit payments. Be aware that the office is extremely busy, and that it is not uncommon for fifty or more jobless to be waiting for the doors to open in the morning, with hundreds more arriving during the course of the day. When you arrive you'll be given a number, then you'll have to take a seat and wait, often for hours.

When you do finally get to the "Problem Resolution Office" counter, be prepared to show your Social Security Card, your Driver's License, your work authorization and Alien Registration Number (if you are a legal resident), the names and addresses of everyone you have worked for during the last 18 months, the last date you worked, the amount of your Quarterly Gross Earnings. Assuming that your paperwork is in order, you may be allowed to use one of the unemployment offices telephones or computers to file your claim, and it is also possible that an agency employee will explain the filing systems to you, as well as (very briefly) discuss problems you may be having.

The office's (unlisted) hours of operation fluxuate, so call ahead or just plan on arriving very early in the morning in order to reduce your time spent waiting for assistance.

Saginaw Unemployment Office (aka Employment Security Agency Office, aka Problem Resolution Office)
614 Johnson Street
Saginaw, MI 48607
Telephone: (989) 753-6372

For information on the state's online alternative filing systems, click here.

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