Monday, May 2, 2011

Detroit Unemployment Office

The Detroit unemployment office is located to the old GM Building (now named Cadillac Place), at the corner of Grand Boulevard and Woodward Avenue. The GM Building that was once the pride of the American worker has become a haven for office space leased by government agenicies, as our manufacturing base was sent overseas along with the jobs that once kept so many Michigan men and women employed. Now our many, many jobless workers go there to try to resolve problems with their unemployment compensation claims. It's sad.

Oh, well, enough of the rant. Detroit's Unemployment Office opens up at 8:00 A.M. in the morning, Monday through Friday. Once you're in the building lobby, look for Suite L-385 to get things started. Once you've made your way to the front of the line to one of the Problem Resolution Office clerks, you can get help filing for unemployment benefits or for resolving problems which have arisen. Have your driver's license or state issued picture ID with you, your social security number, the names and addresses of the companies you've worked for in the last year and a half, plus be ready to tell them the amount you earned in the last quarter.

If you want to avoid going to the unemployment office, you can try to file your application for jobless benefits or try to resolve issues over the telephone or by using the Michigan UIA online systems. You can click here to start that process.

Detroit Unemployment Office
3024 West Grand Boulevard, Suite L-385
Detroit, MI 48202
Telephone: (313) 876-5000

If you require a hearing to resolve your compensation issues, those take place at the nearby Workers Compensation Agency‎.

Workers Compensation Agency‎
3026 West Grand Boulevard, #3-700
Detroit, MI 48202
Telephone: (313) 456-3650

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