Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloomington Unemployment Office

The Employment and Training Center in Bloomington, Illinois, is an unemployment office serving the residents of McLean County. Among the services provided at the center are assistance in filing claims for compensation, certification and extended benefits, and access to the state Tele-Serve and and online unemployment claims systems. Benefits recieved by qualified jobless workers can be loaded into special debit cards and through direct deposit. Jobseekers can be directed to resources for job training and be given help in the preparation of resumes to submit as part of a job search. Online jobs listings are also available through the office. The office is located just south of State Farm Park. Other communities in central Illinois near to the center include Cooksville, Shirley, Normal, Heyworth, Bentown, Le Roy, Kappa and Towanda.

Bloomington Unemployment Office
207 East Hamilton Road
Bloomington, IL 61704
Telephone: (309) 827-6237
Fax: (309) 828-9231

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