Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grayslake Unemployment Office

The Grayslake unemployment office has been closed. Please consider using one of the following locations instead:

The Waukegan unemployment office is 14 miles away.

Job Center of Lake County - Waukegan
1 North Genesee, 1st Floor
An Illinois workNet Center
Waukegan, IL  60085
Telephone: (847) 377-3450

The Arlington Heights unemployment office is 21 miles away.

Arlington Heights Unemployment Office
723 West Algonquin Road
Jim Ballee Resource Center
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Telephone: (847) 981-7400 ext. 3

The Grayslake Unemployment Office in Lake County, Illinois, is located on the College of Lake County campus, not far from Lindenhurst, Venetian Village, Third Lake, Grayslake, Gages Lake, Round Lake, Hainesville, Wedges Corner, and Grandwood Park. The unemployment benefits facility is also known as the Job Center of Lake County. Jobless workers can obtain information, forms and instructions regarding their eligibility for unemployment benefits and the various methods used to apply for financial help. A Career Resource Room is open at the location for use by the public from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday. (The Job Center website linked below shows extended hours, but it is advisable to call first and check. These things change quickly.) Like most Resource Rooms, the one in the Lake County unemployment office provides phones, faxes, copiers, computers and Internet access. Their computers may be used to file for benefits with the state's online system, or to create resumes to submit to prospective employers.

The job center provides career counseling and referals to educational and training programs to improve job skills, as well as GED and ESL assistance. Job seekers may view state, local and national databases of available job opportunities and job banks. Special provisions are made for the disabled and those in need of help in Spanish. Younger people can learn how to obtain work permits and jobs for the summer. Veterans may see special representatives by advance appointments. (See the appointment phone numbers below.)

Grayslake Unemployment Office 800 Lancer Lane (parking is on the street) College of Lake County Grayslake, IL 60030 Telephone: (847) 543-7453 Fax: (847) 543-7465 Veteran Representatives: (847) 543-7480 and (847) 543-7481 Job Center website


  1. i think its crazy how this office avoids callers who and they say walk-ins are priority.The phone service is looped and if you request a call back by fax of course which is stupid they never call but want to sanction your benefits. pick up the phone we know you all are there it is so disrespectful to people who cant make it to the office,and the phone line is looped because the workers dont want to answer the phone. hire some folks to just deal with the phone, i would love that job, and i could get off unemployment!!!!!!!

    1. I totally agree. Recently there was an issue with my account and I had to visit the Grayslake office. The next pay period I didn't recieve my funds and so I contacted the main Illinois Unemployment service. They suggested I call the grayslake office back so they could fix THEIR error. Boy, was that a joke trying to call. Since I couldn't get through I had to waste another day going to the grayslake office, stand in line for 30 mintues so the representative at the desk could say "oh, ya they did make a mistake". We can all sympathize that they would receive a ton of calls each day but at some point there has to be a way to contact the Grayslake office. At the minimum the Main customer service (800 number) should be able to transfer our call. Who knows, maybe they could employee a few more people to answer phones.


  3. As of June 20, 2014, this office is no longer open. The next closest facility is in Arlington Heights, IL. Go to to locate full service facilities.

  4. Has anyone tried the Waukegan one?


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