Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alaska Unemployment Handbook

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development has a 32 page unemployment handbook that you can access and download over the Internet. The handbook contains detailed information about your rights when unemployed, and it provides instructions regarding the systems available for your use in filing claims and establishing your eligibility for benefits. Some of the issues the handbook covers include:

  • When and how to file a new claim for unemployment compensation
  • How to make your required biweekly filings
  • Reopening an existing unemployment insurance claim
  • Registering for work and uploading a resume
  • Filing for extended benefits 
  • Enrolling in the state Debit Card system
  • Signing up for direct deposit
  • Filing claims via the Internet
  • Filing on VICTOR, the automated telephone system 
  • Setting up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) 
  • Learning your appeal rights
  • Using the Alaska Claims Centers

Alaska Unemployment Handbook link

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