Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holiday Homes in Phuket - Private Luxury Villas

A tropical holiday in Phuket is what you need to recharge your batteries and be able to fully unwind. This is a lush tropical paradise with some of the best beaches in the world. A holiday is a lot better if you have a tranquil haven that is just yours for the entire duration of your stay. A very good villa Phuket has is Baan Surin Sawan. This is a part of an 18-villa estate and offers magnificent sea views that you will certainly enjoy. Baan Surin Sawan is surrounded with tropical plants and is the perfect island getaway home. Baan Surin Sawan is among the most luxurious traditional Phuket villas you will ever see.

Among the best features of this place is the grill area, which is shaded. There is a dining table with wrought iron chairs nearby, making this is a good place to enjoy great meals. The outdoor bale is so charming and is a favorite of the guests who once stayed at Baan Surin Sawan. This features cushy chairs and has an open design so the fresh breeze can be felt. The scenery from here is nothing short of amazing. The pool area is also another good spot to unwind. The water is very cooling and is effective in beating the tropical heat. The swimming pool is large and is big enough for everyone. There are 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms at Baan Surin Sawan. It is ideal for 10 people.
The grand living room looks amazing. Muted earth tones are used in synchrony with neutrals, as well as with warm wooden tones to create an inviting vibe. Plenty of native accents are used in the design as well. This is one of the luxury Phuket villas that you should check. The supersized couches allow the guests to have plenty of places to sit on. The formal dining area is impressive too and is perfect for dinner. Cutlery, chinaware, and glassware can be found on site. Traditional art hangs on the wall and views of the garden can be admired from here. The kitchen is very traditional in design but is loaded with state of the art appliances meant for cooking delicious meals.  A small work counter is at the center. Like most luxury Phuket villas, there is a fridge, a microwave, a conventional oven, and so much more. Click here to know more about this holiday rentals.
The bedrooms at the Baan Surin Sawan are grand and spacious, making this perfect as a honeymoon haven as well. Wooden floors and ceilings create a homey feel. The beds are done to perfection, while plenty of seats are placed in the rooms as extra lounge space. Every guest will feel comfortable resting as the bedrooms are among the most peaceful parts of the villa. The baths are modern and showcase state of the art fixtures. Toiletries and bath essentials are available for the guests. Baan Surin Sawan is definitely one of the best Phuket villas for a grand vacation in the tropics. It is big, quiet, and secure---a blissful retreat at the heart of the tropics.

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